Our Mission

Is to ensure all Canadian patients who benefit from medical marijuana, have access to the highest quality of product and services, to meet their specific health care needs in a safe, well-regulated environment.


Our Purpose

As a united community, the Canadian National Medical Marijuana Association (CNMMA) seeks to:

  • Advocate for the sector

    The new program- like all new programs – will go through challenges and barriers including unintended consequences of the regulations. As a community, the members of the CNMMA will have an official voice to work with governments to ensure the sector has the parameters to be successful.

  • Guide patients and educate Canadians

    While the CNMMA cannot provide medical advice to patients, it can help patients understand the new program. Most Canadians are receiving information on the new Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations from the media. The CNMMA will provide Canadians with the most current information on medicinal marijuana, the program, and the research to become well-informed consumers.

  • Be a resource for medical practitioners

    As much as the program is new for patients, it is new for the medical community as well. Medical practitioners can benefit from sharing resources, studies, and data – with the Association providing a sharing forum.

  • Reputation management

    While medical marijuana is purely focused on helping patients, it is an illicit substance for recreational use in Canada. Therefore, it is necessary to put efforts in ensuring the medical marijuana has a strong reputation, putting patients front and centre, and contributing to a stronger health care system.

  • Share best practices

    When all parties contribute to a stronger sector, everyone benefits. The CNMMA will work towards sharing best practices to help build the sector as a whole.

  • Be a resource to Health Canada

    While the new system minimizes Health Canada’s role, the government of Canada will seek to ensure the new program is meeting the needs of patients in Canada. The CNMMA will assist in providing the essential data and information for Health Canada to properly evaluate the progress of the new program.



Member Advantages

  • Government relations professionals and communications experts representing the membership
  • High quality skilled labour through job matching/posts only accessible to members
  • Resources and clinical information on the ever increasing evidence of the benefits of medical marihuana
  • Information to support medical health professionals so they may prescribe with confidence
  • Much more, click below to learn more
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